In greatly simplified terms, your earnings will equal the difference between the revenue you generate from advertising sales within your map territory, and your costs of operating a business.

The more time and energy you invest, the bigger the return. Once you become a franchisee for your chosen city, we will help you identify sales potential of your city by helping you with market research. Based on that we will set you up with financial template where revenues will be estimated and costs determined based on your location. Even before starting your new business you will know how much to expect.

But that is only considering printed version of the product whereas there are several additional sources of revenue available to you. Such as charging extra for ads in APP publishing, Internet publishing and additional distribution revenue, etc. More details about further sources of revenue, as well as a detailed financial outline of costs of production, distribution, and everything else you might want to know, are revealed in the initial stage of conversation to potential franchisees.

Do note that success depends on results and personal characteristics. If you want to be good at selling ads we think you need to have at least some of the following characteristics:

  • Above average ambition to succeed – Pusher mentality
  • Developed working habits – Focused on the tasks ahead
  • Confident with “CAN DO” attitude – ready to convert NOs into YESes
  • Open, friendly, talkative and outgoing personality
  • Good listening and interpersonal skills
  • Good problem-solving and organizational skills
  • Detail and goal oriented