Our clients come from variety of businesses from various restaurants, bars, shop, hotels, hostels, camps, jewelers, tourist sites, tourist services. 

When we created our first MAP, it included almost every branch of tourism leisure industry we sold adds to balloon companies, air fair companies, parks, taxis, bus rides, boat rides, restaurants (pizzas, fast food, fine dining, drive ins), hotels, hostels, camps, haunted houses etc. - the opportunities are endless.

And the strategy we use to find our clients is very important for the quality of our maps. We make sure that we put ourselves in a position where we want the best for our clients, but we also want the best experience for our customers. We always look to improve our maps for our customers and bring the best deals to our clients. We also supply our clients with free printed versions of our maps so that they can give some to their customers.

We understand the busy environment these entrepreneurs work in, that's why we offer them a complete service, from consulting about their add campaigns, to production of their ad for our free maps with our design team. Therefore after reaching agreement with the client, the client doesn't have to worry about anything. We take them trough every step from consulting production and finally the distribution. We also have reporting system in place so they are constantly up to date what is happening within our the distribution process.

In our eyes customers is always right and we do our best to tend to their needs.

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