Discovery POI is using a well-established and proven support system developed by our affiliate company Discovery Maps International. We will provide you with a comprehensive training. 

It is undoubtedly an important benefit of our franchise that we offer our franchisee an exceptional Discovery training program. A program that is specifically designed for new franchise owners and as such includes training on everything you will need to successfully run your new map business with success.

Knowledge of product, techniques for interaction with clients, advanced sales and up-selling skills, business procedures, practices and policies, as well as the best marketing and promotional strategies. Training takes place once you sign up at our headquarter in Ljubljana for 2-3 days. And even later, throughout the term of our franchise agreement, individual online trainings and yearly best practice group meetings are organized.

You can always count on our on-going support! To help you succeed and steadily grow of your business, our team helps with all aspects of running your operation, including:

  • Web page and printed materials design
  • Help with selection of map locations
  • Map layout and design
  • Sales approach & Dedicated support

Once you join our community we will be there for you and help you make it as it benefits both you and us as a successful Franchise brand. Since our team has actual experience of running a Map business they will know your pains and solutions for them, rest assured.