At Discovery POI, we evaluate prospective communities with you by looking at criteria like the community’s size, scope of the tourism economy, tourism marketing initiatives, visitor demographics and potential competition.

Here is a typical process of getting to know each other and evaluating the opportunity:

Step 1: Initial Call

We'll review your questions about the business model and community of interest.

Step 2: Sales Aptitude Assessment

We will commission a third-party sales evaluation to identify strengths and potential challenges. This way you will find out for yourself if you got it in you – to Sell ads. We can skip this step if your experience proves you can Sell.

Step 3: Discovery Day

You will visit us in Ljubljana headquarters and receive the Franchise Disclosure Document. We will show you in real life how the process goes by showing you our Slovenian Map operations. There will be a lot of time left to answer any remaining questions.

Step 4: Decision Time

If you decide a Discovery POI franchise is right for you, we will walk you through the Franchise Agreement signature documents and start planning a mapping layout and schedule for your map production and printing.

One of the best things about starting out with Discovery POI is that we already did a lot of work for you. If you want you can even work from your home completely independent and free of any formal rules and working hours. After you complete the training we'll provide you with your Discovery POI  homepage, APP access, multiple templates and a back channel support system. With all of that, you are all set and ready to start selling and earning money. Our goal is helping our new franchisees to hit the ground running. We strive to get you from the point of signing the franchise agreement, to first ad sales, in under a month.

The tourism industry is an awesome field to work in, where you meet a lot of interesting people, from small business owners to CEO`s of large and successful companies. You get to enjoy the diverse nature of business making and make an excellent living doing it.

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