A Discovery POI Map is a colorful, hand-drawn map of the local area distributed free to area visitors at travel information areas as well as hotels and other business locations. Each map highlights local attractions and things to do, restaurants, accommodations, retail shops, real estate and other services. Each advertiser on the map is represented with a display ad on the perimeter of the map, including a color-coded grid locator and the actual building hand-drawn, highlighted and labeled, making it easy to locate.

Since this is a useful, vivid, colorful and informative map of local area everybody takes such map for reference while visiting location and this makes it an easy sell for everybody trying to get attention through advertising. There is almost no other publication available to tourists that is   distributed to visitors at travel information centers, tourist agencies, local hotels, hostels, camps, tourist farms, restaurants and shops as well as numerous other local business locations.

We continually get feedback from users, saying they truly enjoy our maps and find them delightful and useful!




Our distribution team works closely with hotels, restaurants, hostels, camps and other tourist sites, making sure get our maps into right hands, as well as distributing our maps everywhere people tend to gather - from bars, nightclubs, museums, adventure parks and just about everywhere else.



Our clients come from variety of bussineses from hotels, restaurants, hostels, bars, nightclubs, camps, museums, adventure parks and just about everyone else in the tourism/hospitality industry.



POI FREE MAP or Points Of Interest free map are conveniently folded printed maps, primarily designed for tourists and travellers, as well as local consumers, and as such present a unique advertising based business.


The POI story started in 2011 when I came up with the idea of producing high quality free tourist maps. After working in advertising for the better part of my then 12-year career I wanted to branch out on my own. However, I always knew that local production of maps was just the first step on a journey towards international, worldwide presence of my maps. 

After carefully examining and analyzing the market after the crisis that was ongoing in 2007 and 2008 in print media and TV, I decided, that market is over-crowded with companies that are competing fiercely for their space in online and TV marketing. There was this common thinking that everything is moving online while print is all but dead. But I saw things a little differently. We still enjoy real, physical presence of things in it. That's why we believe that, although online presence is important and has become necessary, as most of our active searching is online nowadays, but in a suggestive, recommendation sense, paper maps are still the best. They are something you pick up in a hotel, a restaurant or just about anywhere, they are small enough to be easily carried around and can be easily stored in a backpack, pocket or a purse.That is how a decision was made and it was only a month later that I had a first finished product in hand.

Initially I started in a single city with a population of 250.000 people. Then I gathered my own team and we gradually started producing maps in other cities and regions and did even some thematic maps. After the first year we were producing 13 projects in 13 distinct locations. An interesting point of our enterprise is that, out of those 13 projects, the largest city covers a city with a population of 300.000 people and a highly developed tourism industry, while some other projects cover an area with as little as 10.000 people and hardly any tourism presence to speak of. But we have the knowledge and skills to produce those maps with the same ad prices and number of ads per map.

In the past years we tweaked our business processes from production, sales to distribution and IT. Now, after proving the concept, after more than thousand customers and over two million FREE maps later, we are eager to share this knowledge with our partners as well as implement their ideas into our continuous development of our MAPS, APPs and IT solutions.

POI has become Discovery POI in order to utilize the existing power and knowledge of leading map franchiser in the world and by doing this we will all benefit in quick and successful business development. Our mission is to help you succeed in successfully running your own franchise in your city!

Iztok Cherv