We will provide you with a POI FREE MAP homepage for your city. You will also get easy to use content management system for your content, so you can update your page daily with accurate new information about your costumers. Your home page also represent additional revenue source, where youcharge a yearly fee to your costumers to have them published on your homepage and your Mobile Application (iOS and Android).

At first we will set up your homepage in English and your native language. We will fill the content with your help with some initial content but you will have to grow your POI web with new costumers and relevant content.

One of the benefits of POI franchise web page versus other single company sites is common traffic generated through search engines. Search engines will give more traffic to your homepage because of common integration of all POI pages.

The design and updates are free of additional charges, since its founded trough royalty that every franchise pays, therefore constant updates are free and accessible to all our franchisees.