You will recieve your POI FREE MAP aplication that is conected to your Homepage customer database. POI FRE MAP APP enables you easy  acces to your customers on a interactive map or via category selection list avalilable in the APP. The APP for IOS and Android also proveides additional source of revenue. The options to upsell to the customers   listing in tha APP itself and priority listing of a customer in their  catageory.

App content managment is one clik away. Our app is developed by our IT engenirers and is contected to you cms of HP, so you can easly select wheter the customer is published on the APP and whater it has a priority listing. All the content of media, text, logos etc.. is automaticly transfered to the app so there is no additonal administrtion requierment.

The app also contains the hardcopy free map that is available to app users.

Users can acces recommended sites, restaurants, hotels, hostels, bars, theaters etc... via your APP which is advertised on the stnads of your hard copy POI FREE MAPS in hotels, airports, camps, hostls etc... and trough the advertisment of the APP on the printed version of POI FREE MAP itself and Google store, iTunes.